PAUL OLTEANU – In the last 10 years 

In the last 10 years I managed to discover, clarify and live, day by day, what I feel it is for me a profound personal and professional mission: to support people and organisations in their efforts to communicate better, to know each other in an authentic way, while making daily steps towards a better version of themselves. 

During this time I have developed and delivered programmes that sum up over 9500 hours of training, coaching and consultancy on different themes, such as communication psychology, self-knowledge, psychological profiling applied in organisations, public speaking, personal branding and group dynamics to audiences from Europe, USA and Asia. 

And I feel it’s only the beginning. 

At present, I focus on developing and delivering training and coaching programmes with an approach centred on neuroscience, on understanding the architecture of the human personality, on emotions that govern us and on evaluating and transforming the thinking patterns that influence our behaviour, at both individual and organisational level.

In spring of 2016, I teamed up with Melania Medeleanu and Dragos Bucurenci, when I became Senior Partner at Khastalia – a consultancy company specializing in communication strategy and executive coaching.

Starting with 2014, I am one of the first five consultants from Europe, certified in Story-Based Transformation Process – an innovative method, based on the principles of inductive learning and also, on neuroplasticity of the brain, a methodology that integrates daily exchange of short stories, with the purpose of generating fast personal and organisational transformation.

From 2013, I am Partner at Kahler Communication Romania and I am a certified trainer and coach in Process Communication Model – an awarded personality theory, used by NASA to recruit and prepare the teams and also, it was used for communication training of American Presidents.
In the last 4 years I delivered the PCM model to over 1400 professionals (managers in national and multi-national companies, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches and consultants ) either in specialised programmes, or in open training (alongside my partners from EXEC-EDU). 

In the past, I was Director of Communications at Romanian-American University and Head of Strategy & New Business for the advertising agency Headvertising. 

In parallel with training and consultancy, over time I engaged in several educational projects, as well as environmental projects and I worked with organisations such as Amgen, AVON, Bayer, BCR, BRD, CBRE, CEZ, Gothaer, Garmin, Graffiti BBDO, Heineken, JTI, Kubis Interactive, Oracle, Raiffeisen Bank, SAP, Securitas Romania, Servier Pharma, Tempo Advertising, UNDP, Vodafone, Wrigley or WWF Romania (you can see the complete list here). 





  • In the spring of 2016 I joined a new team together with Melania Medeleanu and Dragos Bucurenci, becoming Senior Partner at Khastalia – a consultancy company specializing in communication strategy and executive coaching. 
  • Since 2010, I develop and deliver training programmes, coaching and consultancy, through my own company – People Dynamics.
  • Starting with 2013, I am Partner at Kahler Communications România – the company that delivers Process Communication Model in Romania.
  • During June 2011- Semptember 2012 I was the Strategy and New Business Director at Headvertising.
  • In March 2011, I started the Department of Communication and PR at Romanian-American University, which I led for 2 years. 
  • In October 2010, I co-founded with my father Inoveco Energy – a company specializing in consultancy, design and project management in alternative energy. 
  • I started my career as a trainer in 2007 at CODECS pentru Leadeship Foundation.



  • At present I am student at Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Psychology and psychotherapist in training (Psychology School Terapii Scurte Centrate pe Resurse si Solutii).
  • I have graduated Management-Marketing Faculty (specialized in Marketing) at Universităţii Româno-Americane.
  • I graduated „Mihai Viteazul” National College in Ploiesti, where I practiced Voleyball for 8 years. After an injury in the 10th grade, I couldn’t play Voleyball for performance anymore, but this sport was one of the most beautiful and educational experience I have lived so far.  



  • In 2016, I became International Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation, level of certification ACC. 
  • In 2015, I obtained the certification for Human Synergistics Instrument – the most widely used methodology in the world for diagnosing thinking styles and values, at individual and organizational level. 
  • In 2014, I became one of the first 5 consultants in Europe, certified in Story-Based Transformation Process – a methodology based on brain neuroplasticity which integrates the daily exchange of short stories in order to generate rapid personal and organizational transformations.
  • In 2013, I became trainer and certified coach in Process Communication Model® -an awarded personality theory used by NASA in selecting and preparing the teams and also, it was used in communication training of American Presidents.
  • In the spring of 2008, I became the youngest scholar and participant at “Leadership Creativ” – Erisma.



  • Since June 2009, until September 2010 I worked as Marketing & Sponsorships Manager at MaiMultVerde, one of the most active and well-known environmental NGOs in Romania. During this time, I have raised funds from privates sources worth over 350.000 Euro.
  • Between March 2008 and 2009 I participated as Development and Sales Manager at building the first online mentorship platform in Romania: MentorshipNET. During this time, I doubled the sponsorship revenue of the project. When I left, the value of MentorshipNET was 50.000 Euro.
  • Since 2008 I collaborate (on communication and training) with Centrul de Resurse pentru Organizaţii Studenţeşti – one of the most innovative and visionary organizations in Romanian Education. We have built together Universitate Alternativă



  • In 2013, I launched together with my colleagues at Daredevz, Inovolt – an integrated system for monitoring and management of electricity production and consumption on multiple circuits and in real time. 
  • In 2010, I was nominated  “Prahoveanul anului” , Ecology Category and I won.
  • I was Muntenia’s delegate at European Youth Parliament and after a national selection involving 128 people, I was chosen to represent Romania at the International Session in Greece.
  • I am a licensed radio amateur with YO9HHO call sign.
  • The first „.ro” website I created when I was 13 (with and for my colleagues from 7th grade). The website was called – because we wanted to have „the last word” regarding our relationship with our school and what we lived there. 
  • At 11 years old I was the 34th Linux user in Romania, according to Linux User Group.