During the last 10 years of activity, I noticed how the trainer „job” changed profoundly, in the pursuit of keeping up with the world, that is always evolving. 

Today, I believe training is much less about information and new concepts, delivered in an attractive and professional way. For this, we have Google and uDemy, Khan Academy and many more.  

I personally consider that the trainers of the world nowadays should be firstly people whi understand the complexity of huma personality, the dinamics that govern our thoughts and emotional and the way they are set in motion when we learn. 

Today, a trainer can keep his relevance in a business conversation if he does what an online training cannot: if he understands the needs of his client better than the client himself; if he realizes that his craft is about skills, attitudes and habits, about „being” and „doing” and not just about „knowing”.


  • RESULTS – My belief is that learning must be a catalyst for growth and development. For this reason, when designing a training experience, I always keep in mind the concrete impact and measurable results. 
  • PERSONALIZATION – Two people seldom resemble, just as two organizations almost never resemble. Thus, in designing and delivering courses, I try to take into account as much as possible the variables that individualize a customer such as: specific needs, organizational history, business objectives, company size and industry, seniority level of participants, etc. 
  • CONSISTENCE – In order to transform knowledge into skills, it requires consistency, practice and follow-up custom. In building a training experience, I think it is important to consider all the way from the assessment of the needs to the formation of new habits.
  • RELEVANCE – People learn when they care about the content. And they care when they find the content relevant for them, deeply and personally. For this reason, all developed training programmes focus on cross-cutting needs and relevance for each participant. 
  • CREDIBILITY – I believe in the power of the example and i see relevance to having personal experience consistent with each of the themes approached. 



Over the past few years, we have designed and delivered different learning experiences on various areas of self-knowledge, communication and organizational development, such as: public speaking, communication psychology, personal branding, group dynamics, psychological profiling applied to sales and customer care or self-discoveryt workshops at a personal or organizational level.

All this time, I have come to believe that the most valuable approaches are those tailored to the partners’ needs, personality, context and objectives. 

If you are interested in designing or delivering a learning experience, I invite you to contact me here.