It’s been 11 years now since I entered the world of personal and organisational transformation…

And I feel it’s just the beginning of this amazing journey.

Communication. Self-Awareness. Transformation.

These three words underline for me an authentic and profound mission; a mission that has guided my professional steps so far and that brings value to my day-to-day life. These three words also describe the majority of subjects I discuss on this website.

At present I design and deliver training and coaching programmes based on the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

My aim is to raise the level o self-awareness and self-mastery in order to produce sustainable transformations at a personal and organisational level.

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I’ve attended to some of Paul’s workshops and private seminars and I was really impressed mostly by his unique approach on teaching. Paul also helped me refine my presentation and oratorical skills, with a fast and visible result…

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Vlad Popovici / Managing Director @ Kubis Interactive

Paul Olteanu has the surprising capacity and openness to see and understand where the blockages in communication are, to find solutions and to change people in the business environment. He helps both you as a manager and your organization to overcome obstacles and push things forward…

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Anca Babaneata / CEO @ Gothaer Asigurari
Andrei Oprea

Process Communication Model is one of the very few workshops where – due to the competence of the trainer – I had a breakthrough. Regarding the trainer that we had, it was not my first time taking part in a training held by Paul Olteanu…

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Andrei Oprea / Head of Office @ United Nations Development Programme Romania
Catalina Bilan

I have worked with Paul for various client groups: top&mid-management, as well as specialists, and the feedback has always been outstanding.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge, a profound way of diving into the audience’s needs…

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Catalina Bilan / HR Manager Romania & Bulgaria @ AMGEN

I am among the lucky people who have had the chance to meet Paul. The way I met him made me aware that the important questions that I ask myself have nothing to do with age, personal or professional success.

Paul was a catalyst for me going after these answers…

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Delia Soare / Director Consumer Markets @ Vodafone Romania

I interacted with Paul during the PCM training and I was extremely pleased with the way he delivered the session and the way he managed to bring value to all the participants and keep us connected. I find the model and Paul’s approach very applicable to the business context by enriching relationships within any organization…

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Alina Timar / P&O Manager Balkan East @ Wrigley

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